Google Cloud loses EU talent to AWS

Google Cloud’s European division has a talent problem as AWS has poached one of its top executives.

Google building

Google Cloud is currently vying for a foothold in the cloud market. Despite being in third place, CEO Thomas Kurian has made it clear that he wants to take on number two in the coming years. Unfortunately for the company, it seems to be struggling to keep its EU talent, something that could definitely make the competition tough.

According to Business Insidertelco chief Marielle Lindgren has left Google Cloud to take a position at AWS, a position she was excited about on LinkedIn.

I am happy to share that I have started a new position as General Manager Nordics, Baltics & Benelux at Amazon Web Services… Two weeks later I am amazed by all the inspiring colleagues I have met and the great opportunity ahead of us . Thanks to all Amazonians for the warm welcome! I look forward to a very exciting time.

Lindgren’s departure comes on the heels of several others, including Chris Ciauri in March 2021, Pip White who returned to Salesforce in June and Sanj Bhayro who moved to Intercome in November. The latter two were both recruited by Ciauri of Salesforce, where the trio had previously worked.

If Google Cloud is going to overtake Microsoft for second place, let alone challenge AWS for first place, the company will have to do better to keep its talent from leaving the ship.